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02/01/18 02:56 PM #110    


Enid Waxler (McDonough)

I am an old fashioned girl.  People can just mail me checks.  Or is that too antiquated?

02/01/18 04:36 PM #111    

Louis Milonas

How do you do that Enid? I have to get an envelope and a stamp?Address please 

02/01/18 09:47 PM #112    


Franchesca Northern


Do you have the cash app?

02/01/18 10:07 PM #113    


Enid Waxler (McDonough)

the what????

02/02/18 09:12 AM #114    


Patty Roughton

It’s exciting to see all the enthusiasm. I’m sorry I have not been updating. I am currently visiting in south GA and will return home on Monday. I have been reviewing how to set up payments etc on this website. It will be by credit card or checks to me. First I will need to set up a bank account. I do not want to mix reunion money with my personal accounts. I should have this all completed by Wed or Thursday.

I agree with Mary that if 10 of us pay $50 the deposit is covered. When 10 folks agree to pay that I will go ahead and make the reservation and reimburse myself once the funds come in. 

Let me know here if you’re willing and agreeable to this plan.

Looking forward to seeing y’all!






02/02/18 11:46 AM #115    


Randy Evans

Hi Patty.....I can write you a check and put it in the mail today, if that works.  And, if that works, what is your mailing address?  If this is the easiest way, then I can write something to everyone and get this Reunion Ball rolling.  Thanks for your efforts....Randy

02/02/18 11:56 AM #116    


Darlene Kochy (Slawson)

Let me know and I'll send you a check

02/02/18 12:40 PM #117    


James Cloud

I can prepay.......have no problem mailing check....what is an cash app?

02/02/18 08:19 PM #118    


Karen Miller

I'll be glad to prepay too. Re cash can get other people money through bank apps...Chase to Chase or whatever the Wells Fargo app is called. It's easy but I am unsure what we need to do it.  Patty if you open an accountant a larger bank like the 2 above we probably can get $$ to you using these apps.  Let us know.  Thank you for all you are doing...and everyone else for keeping this going!  

02/28/18 10:07 AM #119    


Enid Waxler (McDonough)


Mae West once said that "too much of a good thing is wonderful."  That may not be true.  I just learned that 2 of my best friends are getting married on September 15.  I cannot look them in the eye and say I won't be there, so my getting to the reunion is probably impossible.  I am really upset.

Can we plan a breakfast/brunch Sunday morning?  Let me know who will be around and I will race to North Jersey to the destination of your choice.     :-(


03/01/18 10:54 PM #120    


Gloria Montealegre




Let me know I can prepay.  




03/02/18 09:41 PM #121    


Patty Roughton

Once you sign in you can go to 45th Class Reunion tab at the top. Price, process and info for paying are there.



03/08/18 06:52 PM #122    


John List


I'm up for a meet n greet the nxt morning....

Also, I checked with Cinders and I can bring the bottles of Nopalito (Prickly Pear Wine) there as gifts and they have a sound system I can plug into for the music!!

03/11/18 09:28 PM #123    


Patty Roughton

We will definitely do some thing in addition to the party. 

03/12/18 07:39 AM #124    


John List

Will you be able to post a list of who will be attending?


08/20/18 12:35 AM #125    


Enid Waxler (McDonough)

08/20/18 12:36 AM #126    


Enid Waxler (McDonough)

not sure where my photo of our last reunion got posted. Gloria Montealegre-Smith.


08/20/18 01:47 AM #127    


Enid Waxler (McDonough)

08/20/18 07:22 PM #128    


Patty Roughton

They used to be under Class of 73 Past and Present. I see they are gone. I have no idea where they went. Things have changed a bit on the site. I’m not thrilled with the changes. 

08/20/18 07:28 PM #129    


Patty Roughton

Found the photos from on last reunion. Go to Class of 73 Past and Present then go to “School Memories.”  Everyone should be able to upload photos there. 

08/24/18 03:07 PM #130    


John List

I have created two items....


A .pdf file of our yearbook without advertisements or boosters:

and a video:


These are both very large files and would not suggest you use your phone or a metered connection to view or download.


08/25/18 12:45 PM #131    


Enid Waxler (McDonough)


These are amazing!!  Thank you so much!

And to everyone:  I will not be at the reunion because one of my best  friends is getting married that day and I couldn't think of a way to tell him I'm not coming.  So............I would love to drive up Sunday morning to meet whomever is around for brunch.  Location TBD.  11 am?  Who is available?? 



08/25/18 03:05 PM #132    


John Ciardi

Classmates of '73-

Happy to convey that Ed and myself will both be attending the reunion in September.

We'll be staying down at the shore at Belmar for a week with and coming up

for the reunion party. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

-John (and Ed) Ciardi

08/26/18 06:12 PM #133    


John List

I'm up for a day after brunch...  Would love to try the new Travelers (Where Dick's Diner used to be) same owners as the original Travelers


08/29/18 11:53 AM #134    


Patty Roughton

I had planned to attend the reunion, however, I will not be able to make it this time.You will still send your payments to me and can still email me with questions or problems. Randy now also has admin access and he and I are working together to make sure everthing is accomplished. I know you'll all have a great time.

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